Diplomacy Service

The purpose of the course training:

1. To improve the language level of key teachers and teaching methods and other comprehensive ability;

2. To enable teachers to deepen their understanding of western history, social culture and western literary background through the foreign life experience arranged by the project and the colorful cultural study.

3. Teachers acquire new ideas, new knowledge and new skills from their training. Learn the advanced aspects of the British education system and teaching methods.

How to train:

By foreign institutions of higher learning to provide teaching space, teaching materials, professors. Through the use of face-to-face teaching and practice of teaching methods, so that teachers in the period of out-of-production study, in many aspects of the trend of teaching development in the United Kingdom. There will be ample opportunities for participants to ask questions, discuss, and expand training in all aspects of education. Teachers will have an in-depth understanding of advanced teaching methods and familiarity with the content and organization of teaching materials. Experience sourin in a classroom environment that encourages students to participate actively, and to observe the classroom teaching of local teachers based on teaching objectives, students' knowledge and learning patterns.

Training cycle:

According to the different training requirements of each school, the Royal College of Cows and Sword (Hong Kong) can add an additional one-week practical training in education and teaching on the basis of a two-week curriculum arrangement, mainly to arrange for teachers and students to visit local secondary schools and primary schools, observe the lectures and talk with teachers and students after class, exchange teaching experience, and organize teachers and students to participate in more local leisure and recreational activities in the UNITED Kingdom.

Whether it is two weeks of training or three weeks of training, the Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong) will provide training teachers with intensive English training and pre-preparation courses before going to the UK, assistteachers to complete visa applications, arrange translation escorts, ticket booking and management, special car airport transfers and other services.

The fourth teacher training Oxford class - Qingdao II.