Founder of Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong), Journey Towards Oxford

"It's about dreams, it's about going forward"

    Allow me to introduce Qiuqin Lan — the founder of Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong). We usually call her Candy Lan.

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Have you ever wondered how the Oxford- and Cambridge gods got the offer?
Have you ever thought about your experience studying at one of the world's top universities?
Have you ever planned for the future to find a diverse international platform for a knowledgeable mind in this diverse world and even to help others realize their dreams?

    Let me introduce today's protagonist, Ms. Lan Qiuqin, founder of the Summer Vacation in Oxford project.

Master's degree from Oxford University.
General Manager of Yingben Investment Holdings Limited.
Honorary Consultant, Department of International Affairs, Shuren University, Hong Kong.

And who can think of her story starting in Tai Po County, Meizhou, Guangdong Province.

     From a young age with my brother and sister to live in the village with grandma, parents all year round outside the entrepreneurial struggle. High school is studying in the county town of Hushan foot of a key school, everything is plain, but the mountains blue sky and white clouds, everything is so beautiful.

     It was not until her senior year that she ushered in the first change in her life. Transferred to Shenzhen's step-by-step middle school.
     According to Ms. Blue recalled, from the junior high school to set up English this subject, the father early to open the international education ideas, so very much value her English ability training, but also invited the tutor to assist go abroad for further study. The father also insisted that the child must complete the undergraduate study, the opportunity to further study abroad.
    Opting into high school, she can meet a partner who is still starting a second venture together today.

    As a liberal arts student, she was lucky enough to meet a head teacher who was good at teaching on merit. It was also the first time Ms. Blue had recognized the importance of mentors and friends.
   The head teacher used her unique teaching methods,Let some naughty students also know how to have their own pursuits and dreams.After graduation, she came to Shenzhen University.

    As a freshman, she met teachers who could be honest in life and study, and were exposed to a vast platform never seen before. She actively participates in student unions, various associations and associations (such as English Corner) and volunteer activities, while learning a variety of languages, and begins planning to go abroad.
    At this time, busy running between the library, the classroom and the lawn, has become the norm.
    As a sophomore, the index of emigrating to Hong Kong came early, and she came to Hong Kong with her family. A strange, new and challenging cosmopolitan metropolis. Early to know for her family worry, she considered whether to directly in her father's Hong Kong enterprises to start a business career, or in Hong Kong's profound learning sea to find a piece of their own world?

    The reality is often cruel because the new arrival sit until they are ready to go, and the road to the public university of Hong Kong to continue their studies is too late. The road ahead is vast.
    When my father read the newspaper one day, he found the admissions information of Hong Kong Shuren University. It is in the form of self-examination to recruit new students, the content is exactly what she is good at Chinese and English. She has the refore's chance to become a freshman at the first and only private university in Hong Kong.

    At the time, the President, is the founder of Shuren University and lead the open thinking of higher education, Professor Zhong Zhirong, pay attention to adhering to and carry forward the traditional Chinese culture, especially confucian development of the spirit of humanity and benevolent educational concepts, promote the humanitarian spirit and freedom of learning, but also personally created Shuren University Department of Social Work and other ace departments.
Shuren University not only did not give in to the rigid mechanism of higher personnel training at that time, but also adhered to the four-year training program for college students, and even borrowed from the foreign university mode of running - wide-in-the-out and strict.
     Ms. Blue also had a deep impression on the concept of running schools such as "teaching without class" and "Dunren Natural" promoted by Hong Kong Shuren University, and it was precisely because of the benevolent and free way of running the school that students who had no chance to enter The three public universities in Hong Kong at that time had a valuable opportunity for further education.
     Unique, broad talent. To this day, Ms. Blue is still grateful to her alma mater.

     There is another small thing worth mentioning.

     Chinese's Teacher Mo was in charge of the composition revision of the entrance examination at Shuren University. Her choice of exam composition title is "Out of the Window", about a girl who had just moved into Hong Kong from the mainland, through the small window of a house, facing the high-rise buildings on Nathan Road that seemed to want to squeeze all the space, the thoughts of the stars, the confusion of the future and the long sigh.
     Read this article unique style, and the use of pen (the habits of mainland students at that time) to write the article, Mo teacher can not help but see a bright, immediately as a model text display. He said that apart from the slogan-style ending with the essays of mainland students, this article has a lot to learn and think about.
     This little thing, gave her a great encouragement just to contact the strange environment.

     However, in the face of very different English teaching system and dialect differences, it is conceivable that her first semester at Shuren University was quite difficult. She didn't want to back down.
     With the help of Hong Kong teachers and classmates, she won a scholarship in the second semester and challenged the Economics Department's "2 plus 2" abroad program. In her junior year, a group of twelve people, she and her classmates started the study process of The University of Liszt in the United Kingdom.

    Coming to Britain, where she was not familiar with her life, she was lucky enough to meet the teachers and classmates on the road to struggle.

     In her junior year, she set herself the goal of becoming a master's degree student at Oxford or Cambridge.
     After the field visit, she felt strongly the historical humanity from Oxford University, as well as the unique unity and warmth around the centre of Oxford, and seemed to blend with some of the simple qualities of her own, and from then on, deeply fell in love with this world-famous institution of higher learning.
     She had the courage to search for her own data, chose the right subject, and submitted only a master's degree application to one university - a one-year course at Oxford University's Msc in Economics for Development (if re-planned, she would choose to apply for a two-year master's degree in research and pursue a PhD directly after that) in the hope of extending her academic research.
     Next, she set herself up for a compact shock high-credit program. Kung Fu is not responsible for the people, sophomore, she wanted to obtain the Oxford University School of Economicdevelopment admission notice, then she excitedly informed the family, she made this application and achieved results. The father's joy was unparalleled.

     After saying goodbye to Lister, her studies at Oxford University were not as smooth as expected, or even difficult.
     At the beginning of the school year, her body suddenly appeared and she underwent surgery at Oxford Hospital. Foreign countries, heavy schoolwork, physical discomfort, these make her endlessly miss the days of living with her family in Hong Kong. The mood of depression and low, seems to be in keeping with the beautiful scenery of Oxford, a strong atmosphere of learning, anxiety, and even many times gushed to give up the idea of studying. After communicating with his father, he planned to send his mother to Oxford University.
     Consider again and again, the mother is getting older, and life is not familiar, their usual busy school may not take care of the mother ... Eventually, she decided to continue on her own as a master's student at Oxford.

     Immerse yourself in Oxford's academic atmosphere, before you're directed.

     Oxford, the oldest university in the English-speaking world, brings together an elite of scholars from all over the world. In it, the pressure is self-evident. Moreover, there were only 70 chinese students in all schools, including Hong Kong.
     When everything she is familiar with, away from her gradually, can she persist to the end?

     The answer is yes. She then threw herself into the ocean of knowledge, not closing her eyes for several days before the final exam. When the clock of the end of the examination rang, her eyes covered in blood she walked out of the examination room.
     On the day of her release, she found her name on the graduation roster with relief and joy.

    At this point, the blue qiuqin, has become the Oxford University graduates of the . Obtained a master's degree from Msc in Economics for Development.

    At this point, the struggle of the blue qiuqin is over?

    How has Ms. Lan developed since then? What's her dream after she's learned? What was she closely related to Oxford?
    How did Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong) and the Summer Vacation in Oxford project be established by her own hand?
    Into society, the road to Oxford is still going on, and her journey is far from over.
    How has Ms. Lan developed since then? What's her dream after she's learned? What was she closely related to Oxford?
    How did Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong) and the Summer Vacation in Oxford project be established by her own hand?

     Learn to return home, on the one hand to take care of the family company work, at the same time began to open up their own international import and export trade, production and manufacturing business.
    One to do, fifteen years.
    The days are like white screeres, moving forward without saying a word.
    During the two short breaks of pregnancy, she rethinking her path and the journey she was about to embark on, deciding to make a change and to build up the courage to move forward in the balance between her family's career, her family's children and her dreams.
     After all, it's about dreams, and it's about going forward.
    So, what's her dream? This is not mentioned above, and is the core of this article.
    She hopes that she can use all the resources, with the profits to practice the public good - to help students who are able to wish to go abroad for further study, but are helpless to be limited by objective conditions to enjoy the education of the world's top institutions.
    To make practical actions of public welfare, so that international education breaks through the constraints of objective conditions, and get a broader and effective realization. Returning to society with what she has learned has become one of the driving forces behind her tireless transformation of her career path from business to international education public welfare projects.

    In fact, before joining another business, Ms. Blue had long sought as much opportunities as possible to work in community service, charities and international education, hoping to help those in need through her orher.
    The family was very supportive of her choice of this path, and she was grateful for the unity of her family and the ability to understand and support her choices. The father's diligence and dedication, as well as the unity of the family, were well inherited by the children.
    She first joined the Hong Kong Foundation for the Defence of Families, promoting the Government's policy of promoting family harmony, while working as a community volunteer to address the needs of families large and small around her, to practice her own public welfare ideals and explore the possibilities of more public welfare paths.

    Confused, she founded a social enterprise that appeared in her future plans.
    Under the influence of her father's entrepreneurial spirit, she decided to set up Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong) to plan a public welfare project.

    Earlier, in order to create her own opportunities in social services and education, she returned to her alma mater: Oxford University and Hong Kong Shuren University, and spontaneously founded the Oxford Intern, a non-profit project that sent Oxford students who had ideas, had the strength and wanted to practice social practice at other universities and were funded by Oxford University scholarships, to universities such as Shuren University in Hong Kong, and spontaneously launched a voluntary send to students of Hong Kong Tree Ren University, including North University, Tsinghua and other famous Chinese universities to exchange, exchange and study projects, and from the beginning of in-depth practice of their own public welfare projects.

    Oxford University's original internship programme, which was largely run by a commercial company or a financial institution, was not comparable to that of a non-profit organization, an opportunity for social enterprises to provide such services to Oxford students.

    After being invited to become an Honorary Advisor of the Department of International Affairs of Shuren University of Hong Kong, Ms. Blue worked to promote the interaction between Oxford University and its alumni with Shuren University and other Hong Kong universities. Every year, she donates to Keble College, Oxford, where she works, and has set up a special scholarship in her name at Shuren University, where she now wants to contribute to the future strength of her alma mater.
     For her, it is an unstoppable trend to break the gap between universities around the world, just as an Oxford alumnus.

    At present, she is pushing for the Semi-Public Interest of Shenzhen University , Summer Vacation in Oxford; The Summer in Campus project has matured to build an inter-university relationship between Oxford University and Shenzhen University, to help deep universities reap the original teaching experience of Oxford University, and to inspire students to develop their aspirations and move closer to the world's top universities.
    The core idea of her project is to give students from all backgrounds the same opportunity to experience Oxford's learning and life first-hand and pursue their dreams.

    Ms. Blue's next step is to build a public welfare british university study information and service platform, integrate all resources, as far as possible to Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial Science and Technology and other top universities bridge to China. The next step is to help more people in need realize the dream of furthereducation in British universities.
    Wait for Royal Oxbridge Academy's (Hong Kong) various public welfare projects run smoothly, she will use the profits to create the "Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong) Fund" to better continue her mission!

    From this point of view, her dream, as Oxford once did to her, is not out of reach.
    She said that when she retires from the front line, she will certainly study the academic direction of social enterprises according to the practical experience of creating social enterprises. Her next dream, she said, go to Oxford to study the .

     As of today, these are the founder of Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong) and the admissionofficer of Shenzhen University, Ms. Lan Qiuqin. Her dreams and struggles.
     Do you have a dream?
    Please remember that is about dreams, and we must be determined to move forward .