Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong)

       Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong) was founded by Ms. Lan Qiuqin, a master's degree graduate from Oxford University, and launched the "Summer Vacation in Oxford" project. Academy focuses on international education projects, study abroad program customization and study abroad application consulting services, to assist domestic universities and foreign universities to establish cooperative relations, and jointly cultivate some outstanding talent with an international perspective, so that more students have the opportunity to experience the world's top teaching standards of university learning and life, broaden the international horizon of students, and the world's outstanding young people grow and develop together.

      The "Summer Vacation in Oxford" project aims to broaden students' international horizons, develop their academic and international social skills, and create future leaders. Oxford University provides a peaceful and academic environment, and with its excellent teaching and resources, Oxford University College provides students with a unique opportunity to experience the teaching appeal of the world's top institutions in all its aspects, to embrace British culture, intellectual exploration and to enhance their English language and international social skills, while integrating into the Oxford community.

Our Services

      Our services include: foreign teachers and high-end talent introduction and management, study abroad consulting services, travel services, international curriculum development customization and international cooperation in running schools. Among the classic projects are "Summer Vacation in Oxford", which has successfully transported more than 200 university students to Oxford University College for short-term summer courses, including students from Peking University, Shenzhen University, and also to assist Shenzhen University, Anhui University of Finance and Economics and other official relationships with Oxford University College.

Our Team

      Our founders have a diverse, high-level educational background. With the chinese education internationalization of the cause of enthusiasm and forward-looking development direction, after years of efforts, training, attracting a number of high-quality personnel, honed out a professional, efficient service team. Lan Qiuqin Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong) founder, General Manager of Capitalhills Investment Holdings Limited, after-hours enthusiastic students and social services, hope that through the full integration of resources, understanding and assistance to solve the different needs of society, the Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong) can be developed into a social enterprise, so that international education break through the constraints of objective conditions and more widely and effectively realize, to make practical action for the public good - to help students who wish and have the ability, but helplessly limited by objective conditions to go abroad for further study, and enjoy the education of the world's top universities, the future will become a greater contribution to society leader. We has helped more than 20 students successfully apply to the United States Columbia University, Northwestern University, Johns Hopkins University, oxford University, Cambridge University, Edinburgh University, Cardiff University, Queen Mary College, Aberdeen University (scholarship), the University of Hong Kong (all awards), the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (all awards), the University of Management of Singapore, the Australian National University and other master's programs.

      One of the main members of the team: A Ph.D. from the University of Science and Technology of Hong Kong (Full Scholarship), Cambridge University (Scholarship), a Master's degree from Cambridge University (MPhil by Research) for graduation thesis (Distinction), a prestigious Swire Scholarship from Oxford University, and a ph.D. with the support of a full scholarship. Another team of main members is the University of Cambridge Ph.D., graduated from the domestic key universities English major, IELTS naked examination score of 8 points, single full score, and then won a scholarship (full) to Cambridge University to study for a master's degree in education, for the University of Cambridge Sociology Doctor. Has won a number of international and domestic important awards. The main team members have Doctoral degrees from Cambridge University, Oxford University, Imperial College of Technology and other universities.