Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong)

      Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong) was founded by Oxford University graduate Candy Lan. The company focuses on international education projects and tailor made academic programmes for students who plan to further their studies abroad.

      Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong) Ltd, also provides consulting services for students to apply to overseas universities and assists universities in China to make contact with universities abroad. Collaboratively, universities can develop multiple projects and courses to nurture outstanding students whose education could be enriched by international experience. Such collaborations will offer even more students the unique opportunity of sampling student life at one of the world's top universities and benefitting from the highest academic teaching standards.

Company Services

       We have successfully placed more than 200 college students to Hertford College, Oxford University's summer programmes. Students come from diverse universities throughout China, from Beijing and Shenzhen University, for example. Most recently, we have helped Anhui University of Finance and Economics to establish relations with Hertford College, Oxford University. Summer in Oxford programme aims to broaden students' horizons and improve both their academic level and social skills. Immersed in the unique historical academic atmosphere of the Oxford campus, students have a once in a lifetime experience at one of the world's most prestigious universities.

Our Team

      The founding members of Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong) are a diverse team, each with a higher level of education.The existence of Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong) is the result of years of dedication, passion and belief in the importance of an international Chinese education experience.We have attracted high caliber talent and have grown into a highly efficient, professional team.

      Candy Lan - Founder of Royal Oxbridge Academy (Hong Kong) . Director and General Manager of Capital Hills Investment Holdings Ms Lan has devoted her spare time to education and social services, working out solutions to social problems by effectively using available resources, and has helped promising, talented students to overcome obstacles by securing places for them on international courses at some of the world's top educational institutions. This exposure has helped students acces leadership roles in which they can also make more impactful contributions to society.To date, the company has helped more than 20 students to attend the following universities: in the USA: Columbia University, Northwestern University, The Johns Hopkins University. And in the UK: Oxford University, Cambridge University, The University of Edinburgh, Cardiff University, Queen Mary University of London, The University of Aberdeen (scholarship). Also Hong Kong University (full scholarship). The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (full scholarship), Singapore Management University, The Australian National University among many others.